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Intuitive Art is a spiritual and spontaneous art process that allows the art to lead the way. Intentional Creating is a process that combines creative expression with mindfulness to support growth and healing. I use both principals in my art process- it allows me to paint from my true essence, while the art creates it's own voice. There's something calming and peaceful about fluid art; the brilliance and flow of the inks, the shiny glass feel of the resin, the soul shimmering amount of glitter! Our artwork is hand painted surrounded by the nature of the Colorado mountains.  Each piece is created with ink infused with essential oils and shiny optimism.
Our goal is to be the most eco-friendly business we can be. We are continuing to grow and find new ways to be more sustainable. From our packaging practices to our promise to plant a plant for every sale!


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For a behind the scenes look into our creation process!

    Hi, I'm Jewels Bright. I find inspiring joy in every piece I create. My wish is that you do as well! I'm a momtreprenuer with 2 teens, living a more or less peaceful creative life in the Rocky Mountains. I'm a lifelong artist, tree hugger, animal mom and old soul. I love creating calming colorful art that soothes the soul and invigorates the mind.

We are so grateful for you- our customers and friends, and hope our art brings you some peace and inspiration.


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Commissions and Questions- email us at: jbrightartgallery@gmail.com


Alpenglow Phototography

Shaun Bright is the resident photographer and creative consultant for our gallery. He uses his 15+ years of professional experience to offer creative insights to our designs, and captures our artwork with stunning photos.

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