I'm a lifelong artist who wanted to create an eco friendly, mindful gallery to make and share art. I love to collaborate with other artists and I am constantly challenging myself to learn new techniques. I find my inspirations in the nature of the Rocky Mountains around me and strive to create art that makes a positive impact the universe. 



Shaun Bright is the resident photographer and creative consultant for our gallery. He uses his 15+ years of professional experience to offer creative insights to our designs, and captures our artwork with stunning photos.



At J Bright Art Gallery, we take pride in making "conscious art" that leaves a positive mark on the environment and the industry. Our designs highlight the beauty of nature and the magic around us, and our products and materials are chosen with intention and purpose.

Creating a positive impact on the environment~

We strive to be a "low-waste" art studio by reusing shipping and painting materials, using non toxic paint infused with pure essential oils, buying recycled paper products, using upcycled supplies for our lifestyle collection, and repurposing frames, canvases, boxes, containers, and anything else possible. We donate 10% of the proceeds from our Conservation Series, that includes paintings that spotlight endangered species, to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.  


Our connection to the earth and it's natural beauty has inspired us to create "Art with Intention" with designs that immerse you in nature, and our lifestyle collection offers mindful products that bring these good vibes to your everyday life.



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