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Hi! I'm Jewels Bright. I'm the artist and owner of Jewels Bright Art. 

I'm a lifelong artist, tree-hugger, animal mom. I live at about 10,000 ft high in the Colorado Rockies with my fiance and 2 teens. Being so close to the moon and stars is one of my favorite things about living here. The moon is immense and stunning and we can see so many stars away from the city lights. 

My art is inspired by the nature and sky around me. I absolutely love to create, and every one of my artworks is infused with good vibes and loving intentions.

 Our business is committed to being eco conscious. We are a low-waste studio, and we offset our shipping carbon footprint by planting a seedling for every sale!


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Commissions and Questions- email us at: jbrightartgallery@gmail.com


Alpenglow Phototography

Shaun Bright is the resident photographer and creative consultant for our gallery. He uses his 15+ years of professional experience to offer creative insights to our designs, and captures our artwork with stunning photos.

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