Customize your own pop art pet portrait! Hand painted on stretched canvas with colorful neon accents. 

We have 5 different themes to choose from. Pick the one that matches your pet the best! 

These funky paintings also make a great personal gift for the pet lover in your life!

How it works- 

>>Choose the size & theme you want.
>>Email us at least one good head shot of your furry friend. 

**The photo should be well lit, at a normal angle, showing the shoulders and head. The animal can be looking straight on at the camera or looking to the side like the examples** 
Avoid photos looking down at the animal as it changes the way it looks, and make sure the photo (fur color, etc) looks like the animal the way you want it painted. Let us know if you want us to send an example photo for reference. 

We can do all your furry friends- dogs, cats, bunnies, etc! 

Love Theme #4 but don’t like the color blue? Feel free to message us to request different colors. We will work with you the best we can.

Also, comment your pet’s name! We love to know a little about your guys!

Custom Pop Art Pet Portrait Acrylic Painting on Canvas